First South American Colloquium on Visible Light Communications

The first South American Colloquium on Visible Light Communications gathered researchers, academics and students from different parts of the world in Edificio Fundación Telefónica.

The department of electrical engineering, thought the telecommunications group, organized the First South American Colloquium on Visible Light Communications, with speakers from the United Kingdom, Belgium and France.

“is important to be able to develop this type of initiatives to generate precedents that contribute to technological changes for the country, with international experiences and of the joint work among the different universities” Karina Acosta emphasized, Deputy Director of Research of the Department of Engineering Electrical

The colloquium, which took place in the Fundación Telefónica Auditorium during the day, also featured an exhibition of 14 papers by 14 exhibitors, including graduates from our department, from other academic institutions, as well as researchers from Serbia, the United Kingdom and Argentina. During the colloquium, 4 plenary talks were presented to introduce and explore the art of visible light communications in the world.

During the morning, Dr. Thomas Little, coming from the University of Boston in the United States, presented a plenary talk about the realization of wireless optical networks in interiors with control of beam of light, followed by Suat Topsu, academic of the University of Versailles of France and co- inventor of the LiFi technology who continued with the challenges that this type of innovation presents today.

Later, during the afternoon, it was the turn of Gaunter Pauli, who from Belgium. In the video he sent, he tackled the role of LiFi technology in 100 cities of the world and how to complement these challenges according to the commitments of the Paris Agreement for economic growth. Finally it was the turn of Zabih Ghassemlooy, from the University of Northumbria in the United Kingdom, who addressed the applications of visible light communications.

This first initiative that brought together researchers, academics, students, and representatives of the industry was proposed as the first one in South America to encourage the research and development of this type of technologies under the auspices of Telefónica Movistar and sponsored by the Undersecretary of Telecommunications. It is our hope that this type of efforts linked to the productive sector, both public and private, will continue to be replicated.