Final Instructions for Authors

Step 1: Prepare Document

  • Your document must be prepared with the templates provided at the IEEE Templates website (
  • The final document must be in US letter size, and have a maximum of 6 pages, and do not add copyright legend (this will be added automatically).

Step 2: Check Document

  • Check your PDF file format using the IEEE PDF eXpress platform:
    • Access
    • Enter SACVLC2021 ID: 53127X
    • Sign in to your account or sign up if you do not have one
    • Select “Create New Title”, fill the data, and select “Submit File for Checking or Converting”.
    • Browse your filesystem and choose your manuscript in PDF format file.
    • Select “Upload File” and wait for e-mail confirmation.

Step 3: Submit Document

  • Once your file is checked, proceed to submit the file to SACVLC through EDAS platform.
  • Complete and sign IEEE Electronic Copyright Form (eCF), checking the names of the authors and the paper are the same in the form and in the article.

Step 4: Complete Registration

  • Complete your conference registration. Please enter registration in

Please click on the following link to download a Call for Paper: